Leah“What is Beauty” is an attempt to help women change the negative way that many women view themselves. Media messages, models, culture, society, etc. have defined beauty, which has resulted in women being pressured to attain an unrealistic “ideal” body image. By combining written stories, audio, video and still images, “What is Beauty” is a storytelling website for women who have struggled with body image. Through this website, I hope that women will realize they are not alone with this issue. All women can learn and relate from these women’s stories, and together, women can redefine female beauty.

My name is Leah Cayson and I am a graduate student at the University of Alabama pursuing my master’s degree in the Community Journalism program. I am looking for women to share their stories of their struggle with body image. I received my Bachelor’s in 2012 from Ole Miss where I majored in journalism with a minor in political science. As an undergrad, I worked at the Daily Mississippian and FITNESS magazine. I am also an alumna of the Pi Beta Phi chapter at Ole Miss.

If you’re interested in sharing your story, or have any questions Leah can be contacted at lecayson@crimson.ua.edu.