Casey Ellis


Casey Michelle Ellis a 19-year-old sophomore studying international studies at the University of Alabama. Originally from Keenesaw, GA., Casey has struggle with her body image since she was in elementary school. In high school, Casey was diagnosed with anorexia. Although Casey still struggles with her body image, she has learned that her worth is not defined by a number on a scale.


What is your dream job? To be a missionary.

What is your favorite virtue? Hope.

What is your favorite food? Peanut Butter!

Who is your role model and why? My role model is Shelly Meggison. Most people know Shelly Meggison as the oboe teacher at The University of Alabama. To me, she is so much more than that. I have known her since I was 12. I always saw her as poised, classy, well dressed, and beautiful. I have been blessed by getting to know her more since being at the university and taking oboe lessons with her weekly. She is the best listener I have ever met. Her heart is humongous. It is hard for me to open up to people, but with her everything comes pouring out. She balances a healthy lifestyle flawlessly. Even with the amount of stress in her life, she is always wanting to reach out a helping hand. I hope one day I can embody the many wonderful characteristics she has. She is beautiful inside and out. She is radiant.

What is your advice to women who struggle with body image? No one is perfect. Beauty does not show the heart or the mind, nor does it define you. Also, EVERYONE is beautiful.

What is your idea of happiness? To me, happiness means always finding something to be grateful for. When you count your blessings, it puts things into perspective.

What is beauty? Beauty is being the truest version of yourself. Beauty shines from the inside out. Beauty is knowing your identity and worth is not in a number.


What do you enjoy doing most? I like to run, be outside, play the oboe, hang with friends, go to church, watch disney movies, and shop.

If not yourself, who would you like to be? No idea. I think I should learn to embrace my identity in the Lord first, because that is who I am meant to be. What is your biggest weakness? Defensiveness emotionally, such as letting other people in and being transparent.

What is your biggest strength? I had trouble thinking of this one so I asked some friends, and the friends I asked today, and friends in the past have told me “personality, being down to earth.”

What do you most value in your friends? I most value their commitment. The friends that walk through the good and the bad with me, and treat me the same through it all. The friends that show commitment, initiating even when I pull away. They constantly show me what it means to walk through life with someone.

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